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Combinded Analyser: Lower Costs for on-line Copper and Nickel.
Connecting the Dots: Selecting the appropriate on-line Analyser?

The combined analyser for Copper and Nickel online measurements is measuring two heavy metals in one measurement step.

Using our unique and proprietary non hazardous reagents we are able to measure Copper and Nickel simultaneously.

combined copper nickel analyser
Combined Cu/Ni Analyser.
What are the advantages of combined measurements?
  • Very affordable 2 for 1 in investment and consumption.
  • Very fast and accurate.
  • Spectrophotometric technology.
  • Flexible as needed.
  • Non hazardous reagents.

This analyser was built for or industrial clients for their waste water influent and outflow measurements. The measurement ranges are in the low ppm and high ppb range.
For our drinking water supply clients we measure the low ppb range.

Connecting the Dots. Choosing the right, most suitable online analyser starts by the decission what measurement technology to use.

WHO World health organisation guides us in terms of reliable and accurate technologies for inorganic online technologies.

WHO Ranking of Technologies for On-Line Measurements
WHO Ranking of Technologies for On-Line Measurements.

This qualitative ranking is based on technical complexity. Complexity is the main driver for costs and downtime in our TCM model.

TCM Model
To compare costs a common model for calculation is needed and basis for comparison and enhancements.

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