SEIBOLD Wasser - Analysatorenfabrik develops and produces on-line in process analyser for heavy metals in water.
The analyser series COMPOSER measures real continuous multiple heavy metals and metals and metalloids as Iron, Copper, Nickel Zinc, Manganese, Chrome, Mercury, Lead, Aluminium, Arsenic and many others.
SEIBOLD is an expert in on-line and in-process measurements.

Sometimes a Digestion Unit is needed.
For in-process and on-line measurements of heavy metal content in industrial samples all preparation must be done continuously in one step:
  • Interference influences must be eliminated.
  • Oxidation stages have to be taken into account (or separated and excluded).
  • Complexes have to be destroyed to free the heavy metal ions for measurement.
  • Suspended particles must become dissolved again (or separated and excluded).
In SEIBOLD on line analysers this most important step is achieved by using our unique and proprietary reagents (buffers and dye). In some cases additional power and chemistry is needed to dissolve particles which have been in solution before.
combined copper nickel analyser
SEIBOLD Gewürm. Digestion Unit controlled via COMPOPSER Analyser.

In most cases we measure total heavy metals by our COMPOSER process analyser. In some cases, if waste water treatment has precipitated i.e. copper by high pH values, we can bring these particle for measurement into solution again using the Digestion Unit. The Digestion Unit can heat the sample until 90 °C and can add the appropriate chemistry to do complete digestion.
Digestion Unit at a glance:
  • Heat up sample up to 90 °C.
  • Can add the appropriate chemistry i.e. nitric acid.
  • Operation is fully controlled by online analyser COMPOSER.
  • Secure operation by power consumption control.
All SEIBOLD on-line and process analysers follow strict design rules. Simple mechanics for low maintenance but complex electronics and easy to use software make them affordable but very reliable. The use of colorimetric technology guarantees accurate results.

Titration by SEIBOLD. Different and more reliable.

Titration is a standard procedure for various parameters in water quality measurements. This volumetric method counts for fast and accurate results. The laboratory procedure, which is embedded in all of our competitor's analysers, doesn't fit to online measurement standards. We have thought twice and changed the procedure for best fit to process quality measurements.
Titration Curve. Acid Capacity 4.3
Titration Cycle. Acid Capacity 4.3. Electrode.
vertical axis - signal strength. horizontal axis - time.
blue line - pH value.
red line - derivation.
green line - acid pump speed.

We wanted to avoid mixer and other loose mechanical parts as well as valves because of their bad reputation in operational stability and source for failure.

SEIBOLD Method for Titration:
  • Sample and titrant are pumped continuously while measurement is done.
  • The reaction time for electrode or photometric complex building and hose length is measured directly at the beginning of measurement cycle.
  • Electrodes can testify the results by direct measurement against equivalence point.
  • Equivalence point or/and endpoint titration.

Parameters for SEIBOLD TITRATOR Johann Schrammel:
Works with potentiometric and colorimetric technologies.
  • Acid Capacity 4.3
  • Base Capacity 8.2
  • Total hardness.
  • Please ask for more parameters.
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