Continuous Analysis.
Reliable Results.


Online Analyser for Heavy Metals: SEIBOLD COMPOSER.

SEIBOLD COMPOSER Analyser can perform continuous analysis of heavy metals in water.
The colorimetric analysis - stated by the WHO as reliable and best fitting method for online analysis - is used for reliable and accurate results and low total cost of measurement (TCM).

  • Aluminium Al (*)
  • Arsenic As
  • Cadmium Cd
  • Cobalt Co
  • Chromium Cr VI
  • Copper Cu
  • Iron Fe2+, Fe3+, total Fe
  • Lead Pb
  • Manganese Mn
  • Nickel Ni
  • Zink Zn

Measurement Ranges:

The measurement range is adjusted by path length of light and chemistry.
The measurement range starts at 5 ppb and ends at high ppm range. For drinking water applications it starts at 5 ppb and goes to 1000 ppb or 10 ppb to 2000 ppb.
The installed automated dilution unit can expand the range by a factor of 10 (please keep in mind that resolution is the same as not diluted but the error of measurement will increase).

Measurement Principle:

The measurement principle is spectrophotometric based on Lambert-Beer's low. etal is measured as chelate complex between metal ions in the waste water and sensitive spectrophotometric reagent dye. Change of the intensity of the visible light throughout cuvette containing formed metal complex is directly proportional to metal concentration.


All of our chemistry (buffer and dye) used for heavy metal analysis are NOT TOXIC or NOT HAZARDOUS. We deliver world wide ready made solutions.


All SEIBOLD analysers are named after Viennese Composers. The main task of the Composer is to combine different musical instruments to a wonderful sound. The same counts for analysers.
Perfect analysers combine and adjust chemistry, electronics and mechanics to get the best in class measurements as well as low maintenance and over all a low TCO.
(and we dislike strange number and letter combinations for great instruments!)

  • Robust design.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Easy handling.
  • Highest accuracy of measurement and high precision.
  • Suitable for mission critical applications.
  • Automated cleaning and calibration and dilution.
  • Can perform complex control tasks via analogue and digital communication.

(*) Yes we know. Aluminium in not a heavy metal!

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