Continuous Analysis.
Reliable Results.


SEIBOLD and its partners acting as ONE, world wide!

The package counts.

The package, the sum of product and services is most important. Our clients expect high measurement quality for life time.

In 2010 SEIBOLD launched the partnership program VIRTUAL ONE.

The main goal of this initiative is to define the roles and responsibilities of all parties. SEIBOLD's role is to invent, develop and deliver the best online analysers. The partners have to develop their markets for SEIBOLD COMPOSER. Together a complete and professional picture is sent to the clients and customers.
To achieve this goal learning is key. SEIBOLD has to educate its partners about applications, technologies and products, our partners have to educate SEIBOLD about their specific need and rules in their markets.

Bernert in China
Partner Supported.
SEIBOLDs offer:
  • Highest quality products.
  • Fair prices and a simple model of partnership.
  • Outstanding support.

We are looking for:
  • Experts in design and engineering of industrial solutions.
  • Systems integrators tailoring customer specific solutions.
  • Plant engineers in the field of water technology.
  • Authorised dealers of products for measurement and control engineering.

  • We offer premium technical information on methods, practices and processes.
  • We share our hands on experience and case studies of our installations all around Europe, Russia and Asia.
  • We expect your intensive and long term cooperation supporting the successful two-way development of our business.

  • Our specialities for measurement of heavy metals support your development of the market.
  • Our team of specialists contributes to your development of the market and offers all support needed.
  • We expect your intensive and long-term cooperation.

  • We deliver robust and premium analysers to be integrated into your equipment as "embedded systems".
  • We willingly develop methods and practises for special measurement ranges, specific parameters and elements together with you.
  • We expect your intensive and long-term cooperation.
  • Join our initiatives for "Lower the TCM" and "Non Toxic Reagents"

  • If measurement engineering is already your business, assure yourself of the quality of our products and services - for your and our customers.
  • Our support is guaranteed throughout the whole lifecycle of our products. You can rely on our supporting services after sales.
  • Beyond premium products we offer additional services for the development of your business, e.g. sales planning, sales control and support by our pre-sales consultants.

HOLD THE DATE: Next Training for Engineers. September 12nd-15th 2011.

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